Sunny Harbour Seafood Restaurant, Hurstville

Soon I will reach my 100th post! I had a few ideas to celebrate this momentous occasion but just as quickly tossed them away - I could celebrate by:

  • Having a giveaway (I don't have anything to give away)
  • Offering a discount code (I don't have an online store)
  • Giving a redeemable coupon for a one-on-one chat with all of my readers (Am I crazy? This would take up the rest of my life to get through all of you guys!)
So if you have any ideas, please throw them my way!

What does this have to do with yumcha, I hear you ask. Well, nothing. The yumcha part is starting now!

We went to Sunny Seafood Restaurant for yumcha this morning and once again, my brother and I acting as aspiring food bloggers (albeit with poor quality camera phones) photographed some of the dishes that we ordered:

Dessert trolley passing by:

Prawn noodles

Glutinous rice balls and custard buns

Cutaway shot of the custard bun

What's this, another shot of the custard buns?

No, they were lotus paste buns!

We took more photos of other dishes but unfortunately, as newbie food bloggers, we forgot the number one rule of taking photos before eating and I decided to save my readers from looking at half eaten plates of food.

As for prices of these dishes, well, I've always thought yumcha to be a bit of a lucky dip with pricing. I mean, what other place is there, where you don't find out how much the dishes cost, even after the waitress has stamped your bill? These cryptic descriptions of Big, Medium, Small and even Special mean nothing until the end of the meal, when you discover that alas! Special doesn't mean extra tasty but instead, extra expensive!

The Good Kitchen, Hurstville

After the engagement party, my other brother and I went to Hurstville for a late night dinner. We are both avid food blog readers and decided to take some snaps.

We went to this place (I think it was called The Good Kitchen - one of many restaurants that litter Forest Road) and had a set for two, where you got a choice of two dishes, rice, soup, dessert (this was just two miniscule pieces of coconut taro jelly) and a plate of choy for only $22!

I couldn't resist and added a Hong Kong style milk tea (hot) for $2.80 to my meal and we both indulged in ordering an oyster ($2.80 each).

Hong Kong Style Milk Tea

Salt and pepper style pork ribs

Steamed Oysters with shallot and soy sauce

Vegetables included with the set menu

Our other selected dish was Seafood with Vegetables and that wasn't bad either. They even put in three frozen prawns - more than the usual one that you get at a tightass chinese restaurant. Service was standard.

The total came to about $15 each. Bargain!

The Good Kitchen on Urbanspoon

How to make a great chai

I've decided to share my recipe for great at-home chai tea. It's taken me a while to perfect this!

What you need:
  • Nerada organic chai loose leaf mix - you can get this from the supermarket and it is GREAT! I've tried Twinings and Dilmah tea bags in the past but it just doesn't compare.
  • Honey
  • Hot milk - this is the KEY to making it taste like cafe style chai. I can't believe I didn't realise this earlier considering I always stand there watching them make everything with hot milk
  • Boiling water
Prepare the tea and either use a plunger, teapot or have a strainer handy because there aren't many big leaves in this milk, the emphasis is on the spices. Add hot milk and honey to taste.

Drink and thank me later for providing you with these handy hints :)


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