Kazbah on Darling, Balmain Kazbah on Darling, Balmain Reviewed by retrodaze on 11:04 AM Rating: 5
Takumi Sushi Train, Haymarket Takumi Sushi Train, Haymarket Reviewed by retrodaze on 8:28 PM Rating: 5
Satang Thai Exclusive, Haymarket Satang Thai Exclusive, Haymarket Reviewed by retrodaze on 6:40 PM Rating: 5

New kid on the block

1:24 PM
Someone I know has just started their own amateur food blog. Yes I know, in direct competition to me, how dare they! But because I am a good...
New kid on the block New kid on the block Reviewed by retrodaze on 1:24 PM Rating: 5

Musashi Dinner Bento Box

12:11 PM
This has to be one of my favorite meals. Every time I get it, I can't help but exclaim what a TREASURE TROVE it is! In this day and age,...
Musashi Dinner Bento Box Musashi Dinner Bento Box Reviewed by retrodaze on 12:11 PM Rating: 5
Crown Dragon Restaurant, Carlton Crown Dragon Restaurant, Carlton Reviewed by retrodaze on 6:51 PM Rating: 5
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