Easy Snacks: Curry Pasties

Remember those leftover puff pastry sheets from making the chicken sausage rolls? Well here is another easy, GFC-friendly snack that you can make yourself at home with the leftovers.

What you need:

- Puff pastry sheets
- One egg

What you need for the filling:

- curry or satay powder (if you want the inside to be flavoured this way)
- anything that you want to put in: I used potatoes, onions, peas, roast chicken, carrots and mince.


Slice your puff pastry into even squares. Choose the size of the square depending on how large you want your pasties to be. Here, I've sliced them into four and they will make large ones, about the size of your hand.

Cook your ingredients for the filling. Add salt to taste

Cooked potatoes, lightly mashed

Cooking the meat, carrots, onions

Then adding the peas next because they only need a quick stir through

Lastly adding the potatoes. They will help hold the other ingredients of the filling together.

Take your egg and lightly whisk it with a fork. Using a cooking brush, dab the egg along the edges of the pastry squares. This will make the pastry stick together when you fold it to make the pastie.

Place a large spoonful of your filling mixture into the middle of the puff pastry square.

Fold the square to make a triangle. Use a fork to press down and seal the edges.

Use the cooking brush to lightly baste the squares with the beaten egg. This will help prevent them from burning and instead turn golden brown.

Place them into a preheated oven at 200 degrees celsius. Wait for the pastry to turn golden brown, and then take them out. This should only take about ten minutes or less. You don't need to worry about cooking the inside filling , as you have already cooked it.

The end result: a lovely, golden brown pastie with a nice, flaky exterior.

The inside: A hot, curry flavoured combination of your favourite ingredients.

There you have it. Using the leftover pastry sheets made 12 big pasties, similar to what you would find at your local bakery. A GFC-friendly solution for those days when you want more bang for your buck.


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