Etsy Purchase Update

In case you were wondering how my recent purchase went (which I posted about here), the earrings arrived just bit over a week later.

Funny story about their arrival (not) - the postman delivered the package to my next door neighbour by accident - WHO OPENED IT!!!!! Despite there being a large, prominent address label with my name and address on it. Not only did they open the parcel, they opened the small box inside as well!

According to my parents, I shouldn't be annoyed because she is an elderly lady who brought it over after she opened it and said "I think these might be for your daughter, it's a pair of earrings?"

Sigh. I guess I am grateful that she brought them over at all instead of keeping them?

Cute box containing the earrings

The earrings nestled inside the box

Anyway, the earrings are really lovely and if you want a pair for yourself, they were from this Etsy store.

1 comment:

  1. I'd be pretty furious.
    Maybe if you ever happen to see her on the street as you're pulling out of your driveway...
    (j/k - is this necessary?)


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