Satang Thai Exclusive (2) , Haymarket

This is just a quickie because I have reviewed Satang Exclusive before so please click HERE if you want a more detailed post, including pictures of the restaurant.

A group of us decided to come here for lunch and even though it looked busy from the outside, there were still a few empty tables upstairs!

Lesson learned: always ask if there are any tables free before you go elsewhere.

There were actually five of us but I only managed to get two photos because my companions didn't seem very supportive of my amateur food blogging. I say boo to them.

Egg noodles with BBQ pork ($7.50)

There aren't many soup based noodles available at Satang Thai Exclusive. However, since I had a sore throat, I was willing to bypass their house special fried noodles and other fried varieties, in favour of something more forgiving to my inability to swallow.

So I had a choice between egg noodles (sub-choice between chicken, seafood or bbq pork) and laksa. I went for the egg noodles in order to be as 'gentle' as possible to my throat.

Turns out my gentle choice ended up being something that I could have gotten from a food court! Though it was perfect for what I needed on the day. A clear soup, thin slices of bbq pork (skimpy on the fat which gets a thumbs up from me) and a few pieces of bok choy floating on the top.

Chicken noodles with peanut sauce (???? I totally don't remember what this was...but I do remember that it had a fried egg on it that cost an extra $1.50)

As you may have guessed, I didn't eat this dish so have no idea what it tasted like. The serving was very generous though, I think it could have easily been shared between two people.

I think this is my fourth time at Satang Thai Exclusive and so far, I haven't had a bad experience. The staff are very friendly and willing to split bills at the register which is always a good thing when you're lunching with a group of uni friends. I know that I always hate it when a bill arrives and everyone on the table stares at it blankly before opening their wallet and thrusting forward a fifty!

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  1. Damn those uni students with all their $50 bills!

  2. To Sahara: I know, where do they get all that money from??


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