Sago at the Chinatown Night Markets, Sydney

I love sago. I'm not sure why, since it doesn't have much flavour but it is somehow simply delicious.

Mobblees and I stumbled across a sago stall at the Chinatown night markets and I felt like I had died and gone to heaven.

The sago stall with pictures of sago hung up

They had different flavours - taro sago, coconut sago, even watermelon sago! They also had some other desserts like black sticky rice....yum!

We both purchased a small sized bowl of coconut sago each and sat down among the masses to enjoy it.

I pried open the top of the lid and knew that I was in for a treat

Coconut sago (smallest size - $4)

The serving size was very decent. For only $4, you received a medium sized styrofoam bowl. Even with my love of sago, I struggled to finish the last few spoonfuls.

Height of the bowl

It was warm and very comforting to eat. The coconut milk was very strong in flavour and just when I thought that it couldn't get any better, I was delighted to find a surprise in the bowl...

Closeup of the sago

.....lychee jelly cube!!!

A cube of lychee jelly

The perfect accompaniment!

Unfortunately there were only 3 cubes in my whole bowl. I would have dearly loved a few more.

I can't wait to go again and try some of their other flavours!

The Chinatown night markets are on every Friday night in Chinatown, starting from about 5pm.


  1. i wonder if you can buy lychee jelly.. besides those individual packet ones that you suck out

  2. I love coconut sago as well - one of my favourite desserts!

  3. Hi Jathon: I think you can - in cans at an asian grocery store.

    Hi missklicious: There is something about it, it's just so yum!


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