The Good Kitchen (2), Hurstville

Good Hong Kong style afternoon tea sets are sometimes difficult to find. But I think I have found a good one at The Good Kitchen in Hurstville!


The tea set is offered from 2-5pm. The menu didn't specify any days so I assume that it's offered everyday. The price differs according to what you select as your main dish but they all come with a drink.

As soon as we sit down, we're handed the afternoon tea set menu. I whispered to the Pastry Chef, 'How did they know we wanted the set?'

He scoffed a response, 'What else would people be here at this time for?'


The tea set menu

I chose a Hong Kong style milk tea for my drink.

The Pastry Chef selected a Red Bean Ice.

Although the rim of the glass was a bit messy when placed on the table; the drink itself was very nice. The red beans at the bottom was mushy but still came up the thick straw with ease.

You also receive a complimentary glass of hot tea with free refills.

About five minutes later, the dishes in the sets came out.

Pork chop noodles ($6.50 for the set)

The pork chop noodles did not taste as good as they look in the picture. It was basically two minute noodles with a few pieces of lettuce and thin pieces of tough pork.

Now this bowl of noodles on the other hand....

Beef brisket noodles ($6.50 for the set)

Two thumbs up!!

The beef brisket was fall apart and tasted like it had been stewing for hours. The egg noodles were certainly better than two-minute noodles and it came with choy instead of lettuce. I am definitely ordering this next time!

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