Flying Fish, Pyrmont

I had high expectations for Flying Fish - I had read a number of reviews and saw photos from others visits.  The number one thing that I wanted to try was their seared tuna.

Flying Fish is located at the end of Jones Bay Wharf in Pyrmont, right next to the water.  We found easy street parking nearby but it took us a while to find it because google maps on my iphone lead us the wrong way!!

When we finally found it, I was ready to collapse at the bar with a drink.

Cocktails at the outside bar lounge

After hanging at the bar for a while, we were soon ushered inside and upstairs to our table.

The view of downstairs from our table upstairs

You can see the Harbour Bridge from the window (unfortunately half blocked by a pillar in this photo!)

It was Sunday lunchtime and the restaurant was busier than I thought it would be.  Almost every table upstairs was occupied.

Upstairs dining area

Our waiter came around with the bread basket and asked us which bread we would like - white bread or soy with linseed and corn.  Then he said those magic words 'or you can try both'.

Of course I want to try both!

The bread was warm, which in turn meant that the butter melted when it was placed on the bread. 

Omg, the butter on the left side is possibly the best butter that I have ever tasted.  It has carbonized salt (I think that's what the waiter said it was...), the salt has been charcoal-ed and gave the most amazing taste to the bread.  I'm not ashamed to say that I ate the entire ball of that butter.

Anyway, since it was the most lovely weather outside, we had decided to go to the fish markets after Flying Fish.  Hence we restrained ourselves on the ordering.

The only thing that I really wanted to try was the seared yellowfin tuna.  It is on the menu as a starter but I asked for a main size.

Seared yellow fin tuna with ruby red grapefruit, sweet crackling
pork & black pepper caramel ($42)

 It was a nice dish, but I wasn't blown away.  I think I was expecting something amazing.  The sauce was sweet and the grapefruit segments made the dish even sweeter.  The tuna was thinly sliced and fresh.  Presentation was very pretty.

I couldn't help but wonder though - if this was the main size, what did the starter size look like - two pieces of tuna? :\

 Pan roasted blue eye trevalla with hazelnut, Pantelleria capers,
white balsamic potato, green grape, & beurre noisette ($44)

The blue eye was beautifully cooked, and fell apart with a slight prod of the fork.  I also liked the hazelnuts and the creamy little potatoes.

Green salad that comes with the main

We also ordered some chips to nibble on.

Hand cut chips ($10)

They were good chips indeed. 

So it was a good lunch, but I probably wouldn't head back anytime soon - too many other places to try!  I think it's a great location for drinks though, especially with good weather.

After Flying Fish, we headed off to the Fish Markets for some more delicious seafood.  My idea of a perfect day!

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Sydney Fish Markets, Pyrmont (2)

There was surprisingly good weather in Sydney this weekend (surprising because if you have been reading the news, we're supposed to get a miserable summer filled with rain and cold) which meant that it was a perfect occasion for.....the fish markets! yayaya!

Just the other day, I had been thinking how much I would like to go again and the perfect spontaneous opportunity arose.  This was our second lunch so we didn't get as much as I would normally eat, but still had some good variety going on.

By the way, these pics were taken with my new iphone 4! What do you guys think?  I've had a bit of trouble uploading the pics and sizing them but hopefully can figure it all out soon.

First up, salt and pepper squid and calamari rings!

Next, some fresh Sydney Rock Oysters with lemon ($13.99 per doz).  They were plump and fresh, delicious!

Then an old favourite - kingfish and salmon sashimi with soy sauce (approx $6).  The salmon tasted even more fresh than usual and melted in my mouth.

And lastly some scallops ($2.50 each)....

It was such a great afternoon to sit by the water and chill out with the seafood.  Favourites were oysters and sashimi, I just can't get enough of them!

Has anyone else read about the cheap lobsters that are supposed to be in abundance right now?  I want to get me some of those too!

Pho at Flemington

Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the place that we went to in Flemington for pho! If you know Flemington, then you will understand my problem. I rarely go there ( I think this visit was the first time in years) and there are countless pho places.

So you will just have to enjoy the pictures.

Our condiments by the window

Rare beef and beef balls pho ($8

In this pic, the beef balls have risen to the surface :)

Rice noodles with spring rolls and lemongrass chicken

Dipping sauce that came with the rice noodles

At the end of our meal, we noticed some people had just come in through the doors but there weren't any empty tables . Undeterred, the waitress came to stand next to our table and pointed to us, loudly calling out to them, 'These people are about to leave!"

I guess that was our cue! We paid our bill and left, having a small chuckle - naturally the high number of pho places in Flemington is to meet demand, and business is booming!


Taste of Shanghai (2), World Square

I know, I know - I'm a bad food blogger! Sincere apologies for my absence - but the silver lining is that I have a few posts to catch up on.

I had previously been to Taste of Shanghai in World Square and was satisfied with their food. Moose and I decided to revisit for a late Saturday lunch. We walked from Sydney Uni and by the time we arrived at World Square, we were both starving. I distinctly remember my stomach grumbling and wanting to gnaw my own arm off in hunger.

Dramatics aside, we let loose on the menu and ordered four dishes to share.

1. The old staple, xiao long baos

2. Another old staple, the pan-fried pork buns

3. A new addition - Shandong chicken! I think it was about $16.80. Although you can see some lovely pieces of breast meat at the top of the dish, I'm sad to report that most of the chicken underneath was random mish mash of bones and miscellaneous chicken parts. The sauce was nice though.

4. Fried rice! Now, I can't remember exactly what the menu options were, but there were three or four different types of fried rice. I asked the waitress for help and she recommended this one, saying that it was the preferred fried rice of the Shanghainese. When I questioned what were the ingredients, she couldn't really answer. Her English wasn't good but we followed her suggestion anyway.

The rice was about $10 and it was a huge serving! There were two girls sitting at the table next to us and they asked their waitress what we had ordered. Funnily enough, their waitress didn't know and had to come over to look at our order docket :)

Later, we saw them with their own small mountain of fried rice.

We had ordered a lot of food for two people and didn't end up finishing it. Instead, we got a takeaway container for the rest of the fried rice! (which was actually quite good).

Well-Connected Cafe, Glebe

Someone told me that this used to be an internet cafe.

Located near the start of Glebe Point Road, it definitely isn't an internet cafe any longer! Instead it's a funky, cosy cafe that was exactly what I was looking for on a cold and rainy day.

I started off by ordering a hot chocolate (about $5) and it was soooooooo good!

It came in a large, tall mug and tasted like the best hot chocolate that I've had all year. There was a thick foam on top that seemed endless. Delicious! I even momentarily contemplated ordering a second one, it was that good.

But I didn't, because then our food arrived!

This was one of their breakfast options but it was still available at 4 in the afternoon. Yay! Approximately $15, it contained 2 pieces of sourdough, scrambled eggs, two roasted tomatos, mushrooms and beans. Also came with a glass of orange juice. Phew!

The beans had a great flavour to them and I was starting to feel very full.

Last but not least, chips with aioli.

Another generous serving and the chips came out piping hot. Yum!

Well-Connected is a hidden gem that I've probably been slow to discover but I'll definitely be back for more!

Random snaps

Apologies for the lack of proper post this week! Work has been eating me alive so that I'm just a wrung-out dish rag by the time I finally get home.

So this is just a mishmash post of some random food!

Grilled salmon, tuna and kingfish from Kagaya at Hurstville. This looks a lot better than it tasted. It wasn't melt in mouth and had been flamed just a little bit too long.

Chicken laksa from Happy Chef in Hunter Connection. This was yum! I used to get laksa from the Happy Chef in Market City all the time when I was still at uni and this tastes exactly the same. The only downside is that it's a small store with limited seating and gets busy during lunchtime.

Jasmine pearl milk tea from Chatime. This was okay. I like how they offer upfront the choice of no ice/half ice and half sugar. I got no ice and normal sugar but if I got it again, I would probably get half sugar because it was a bit too sweet.

Green tea ice cream from Baskin Robbins. Yum! Spot on matcha flavour.

Packet of snow pea crisps from the asian grocery. They looked so cool on the packaging!

And then the reality. They tasted like those JJ snacks and were light, powdery. Would not repurchase.

Taste of Shanghai, World Square

It has been a while since I have visited Ashfield for some Xiao Long Baos and one Saturday when I was in the city, it suddenly became a craving. Want xiao long baos now!

I was with my friend Moose and he told me that there was a (relatively) new Shanghai place in World Square that was the same as one of the Ashfield places. We decided to go check it out.

Of course, World Square already has the famous Din Tai Fung. I've only been to Din Tai Fung once and although it was great, I knew that I couldn't afford to go there on a regular basis. *tear* Hence why I started venturing to Ashfield for the dumpling fix.

Taste of Shanghai is located on the underground level of World Square, next to the two dollar store. It is fairly large with spacious seating and we were quickly seated by an eager staff member lurking near the entrance.

View from our table out into the shops

Inside the restaurant

Complimentary tea and menus were brought out to us as soon as we sat down.


Glossy-paged menu with extra large pictures

I flicked through the menu and saw lots of interesting choices but we decided to stay with what we had already planned to order.

There were a number of staff members wandering around the floor and I automatically assumed that this would mean good service. However, I was surprised when our xiao long baos came out - the waiter just plonked them in the middle of our table without even bothering to unstack the two tiers!

So we unstacked them ourselves to reveal the two types of dumplings that we ordered - pork and crab meat.

Shanghai steamed mini pork buns ($8.80 for 8)

Steamed mini pork buns with crab meat flavour ($10.80 for 8)

As you can see, the prices of the dumplings are only a dollar or two higher than those available in Ashfield. They were delicious. None of them had burst during transit and the hot soup flowed into the mouth after biting into them. Both the pork and the 'crab meat flavour' (as per menu description!) were great.

There were only two of us so we had 8 dumplings each, I was feeling full after devouring my share. Still, there was one more dish that I always have to have and it rounded out our tri

Shanghai pan-fried pork buns ($9.80 for 8)

These had been pan-fried for just a little bit too long as the bottom had turned black and had a burnt flavour.

Despite this, they still tasted good. Each bun had a decent serving of hot soup in the middle and they were toasty hot.

I'll definitely revisit the next time that a xiao long bao craving hits while I'm in the city!

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The Argyle, the Rocks

One sunny Friday, not too long ago, a colleague and I went for a walk during lunchtime in search of somewhere that had some seating in the sunshine.

Somehow, we ended up all the way over at the Argyle! It does have a great open-air courtyard but we hadn't intended to walk that far.

In any case, we were there and hungry.

The menu is fairly standard. It consists mainly of pub-style dishes with a fancy twist added - meaning, of course, that the price is a little higher than your normal pub dishes.

There weren't that many people there, and our food came out quickly.

Club sandwich ($18)

Toasted triple decker with chicken thigh, lettuce, tomato, bacon and our Chef's secret sauce served with French fries

My colleague ordered the club sandwich and while it was a generous serving, it didn't seem particularly special

Wagyu beef burger ($18)

Char-grilled 200g Wagyu burger, lettuce, tomato & all the trimmings served with wedges

I ordered the Wagyu beef burger and it was also nice, in a plain kind of way. There was an unusual addition though.

Check out that fuschia coloured sauce! I think it was a substitute/new fangled way of having beetroot with a beef burger. There was another small twist of deep fried onions. On a whole, the burger was satisfying but not note-worthy.

Where are your favourite places for a lazy Friday lunch?

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