Sushi Tei, Sydney CBD

Sushi Tei is a three minute walk from my work and it is nice for a slightly more upscale lunch. It is a large restaurant with a small sushi train and normal seating as well - including booth seating.

This visit was the first time that I'd been back since a year ago. What happened was that every time I went, they would take FOREVER to bring out the food. This wasn't practical for a lunch during work hours. Additionally, the food was fantastic enough to warrant the frustration.

It looks like it's gotten a bit better though. On this occasion, the food came out fast and it was easy to get the attention of staff.

We were handed a large bundle of papers, including a menu that is hardcover and bigger than A4 size!

Sample menu

There are a lot of items on the menu to choose from and this is what we ordered:

Hodaka (8 kinds of sushi) - $14.80

This was quite nice. The good thing is that I was with an easy eater so we didn't have any trouble divvying up the sushi - great for me because my least favourites are the prawn and the eel!

Aburi salmon roll - $15.80

These were delicious! Grilled salmon on top with soft shell crab in the middle and generous lashings of mayo on the plate. I could have gobbled up the whole plate.

Salmon chasoba ($10.80)

Light soy dressing that comes with the chasoba

I liked the noodles but the salmon was fried and unfortunately it was dry and hard. Imagine if the salmon had been grilled, what a difference that would have made!

Green tea (complimentary but you have to order it)

So my mind has been changed about Sushi Tei - I'm willing to go there for lunch again, as long as they keep up this good service!

Sushi Tei is right across the road from Bacco but this time, I was far too stuffed to get a dessert afterward!

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