Pho at Flemington

Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the place that we went to in Flemington for pho! If you know Flemington, then you will understand my problem. I rarely go there ( I think this visit was the first time in years) and there are countless pho places.

So you will just have to enjoy the pictures.

Our condiments by the window

Rare beef and beef balls pho ($8

In this pic, the beef balls have risen to the surface :)

Rice noodles with spring rolls and lemongrass chicken

Dipping sauce that came with the rice noodles

At the end of our meal, we noticed some people had just come in through the doors but there weren't any empty tables . Undeterred, the waitress came to stand next to our table and pointed to us, loudly calling out to them, 'These people are about to leave!"

I guess that was our cue! We paid our bill and left, having a small chuckle - naturally the high number of pho places in Flemington is to meet demand, and business is booming!


Taste of Shanghai (2), World Square

I know, I know - I'm a bad food blogger! Sincere apologies for my absence - but the silver lining is that I have a few posts to catch up on.

I had previously been to Taste of Shanghai in World Square and was satisfied with their food. Moose and I decided to revisit for a late Saturday lunch. We walked from Sydney Uni and by the time we arrived at World Square, we were both starving. I distinctly remember my stomach grumbling and wanting to gnaw my own arm off in hunger.

Dramatics aside, we let loose on the menu and ordered four dishes to share.

1. The old staple, xiao long baos

2. Another old staple, the pan-fried pork buns

3. A new addition - Shandong chicken! I think it was about $16.80. Although you can see some lovely pieces of breast meat at the top of the dish, I'm sad to report that most of the chicken underneath was random mish mash of bones and miscellaneous chicken parts. The sauce was nice though.

4. Fried rice! Now, I can't remember exactly what the menu options were, but there were three or four different types of fried rice. I asked the waitress for help and she recommended this one, saying that it was the preferred fried rice of the Shanghainese. When I questioned what were the ingredients, she couldn't really answer. Her English wasn't good but we followed her suggestion anyway.

The rice was about $10 and it was a huge serving! There were two girls sitting at the table next to us and they asked their waitress what we had ordered. Funnily enough, their waitress didn't know and had to come over to look at our order docket :)

Later, we saw them with their own small mountain of fried rice.

We had ordered a lot of food for two people and didn't end up finishing it. Instead, we got a takeaway container for the rest of the fried rice! (which was actually quite good).

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