Salmon with Dill & Lemon served with Potato Bake

 For Mother's Day, I decided to cook one of my mum's favourite fish - salmon.  I used a recipe for baked salmon fillets with fresh dill and lemon.

As a side, I made green beans and potato bake.  I love potato bake!  Such a great winter comfort dish, and so easy to make. 

I used a recipe from for the salmon here  but changed a few of the ingredients after reading the tips from reviewers, including using fresh dill instead of dill weed.

For the potato bake, I followed a recipe from exclusivelyfoods here but added sliced mushrooms, onions and cheese in between the layers as well.  I also parboiled the potato slices before layering them into the tray - this helps the potatoes to cook faster when in the oven.

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