Museum of Sydney Cafe, Sydney CBD

Not too long ago, we purchased a voucher from Spreets for 2 high teas at MOS cafe.  It seemed like good value as it worked out to be just under $20 per person.

On the day of the booking, we were greeted by a friendly waiter at the door who said 'Spreets vouchers?  Over here!'  They had reserved certain tables for those with vouchers and we picked the best one left.  Looking around, it seemed like everyone was having the high tea!

From the tea menu, I ordered T2's Assam tea, hoping that it would have a really strong assam flavour which I like.

Unfortunately it just tasted like a strong English breakfast and didn't have the malty flavour I was looking for.

The sandwiches were lovely, with three varieties of egg, smoked salmon and cucumber.  I kind of wished they had four varieties instead of an extra serving of cucumber!

So I guess with a voucher, I'm not expecting much but I was disappointed with the scones.  They were served on a plate with some mini quiches (which were quite nice).

The scones weren't like any scones I've had before. They were about the size of a 20c piece (possibly even a bit smaller) and rock hard on the outside with the tiniest bit of dough on the inside.  I struggled to hold the scone in my fingers and put cream on it without getting the cream onto my fingertips! 

The dessert tier was cannoli, chocolate dipped strawberries, a mini lemon tart and a mini chocolate cup.

Despite the bad scones, it was a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon and still good value for the voucher!

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  1. three varieties of egg you say?

    eggs to that i say!

  2. shame about the scones but yum cannoli!