Lilianfels, Blue Mountains

After lunch at Brown's Siding Café and a trip to Logan Brae orchard for some apple juice, we decided to finish off our Blue Mountains day with afternoon tea at Lilianfels.

Lilianfels is a resort and spa located near Echo Point and the Three Sisters.

The Lilianfels lounge was just as I had remembered.  Lots of plush chairs, cushy furnishings and a pianist playing softly in the background.

Last time I was very impressed with their scones so naturally gravitated towards ordering the Devonshire tea again.  Disappointed to see that the price has jumped to $19.50 now - still cheap by Sydney standards but last time it was only $15!

Scones with cream and raspberry jam

The scones were nice but I would have preferred strawberry jam instead of raspberry jam.

Assam tea served with the scones

It was a nice relaxing end to a great day!  (Stomach was also bursting with fullness at this point)

The Lounge at Lilianfel on Urbanspoon


  1. That is rather yellow cream - it looks more like butter!

  2. i have such fond memories of Lilianfels though we (the boy & I) never ate there but the stay was magnificent, best mattress I've ever slept on haha. I agree with rita, looks more custard-y than cream

  3. Hi Rita, Vivian: Embarassingly enough, I seem to recall using an app on my iphone to 'auto colour' these pictures and I think it went overboard on 'saturation' - hence the yellowness of the cream!


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