Cheeky Chocolate, North Strathfield

When I heard that there was a new chocolate cafe where the menu had been designed by Adriano Zumbo, I knew I had to check it out.

Cheeky Chocolate is located on the busy George Street strip of North Strathfield.  I was amazed to discover the number of restaurants here!  They have converted the old Arnott's biscuit factory, renaming it the Bakehouse Quarter and filled it with a bowling alley, restaurants and supermarkets.

We visited Cheeky Chocolate shortly after it had its grand opening.  It was a Saturday night and all of the tables were full so we waited about ten minutes for a table.

After we were seated, service was a bit haphazard and very rushed.  The waiters were speed walking around, a bit disorganized and it wasn't the peaceful setting that I had been hoping for.  We also felt a bit rushed to pay for the bill instead of lingering over our desserts.

We each ordered a tea to have with our desserts (when I ordered mine, the waitress questioned "Is that on the menu?" and I had to point it out to her! )

 The teapots came out and we had to try flag down someone to bring out milk and sugar.

We decided to order three cakes from the enticing glass cabinet to share.

This mango one was my favourite! 

This chocolate hazelnut dome came in second place.

And this raspberry meringue tart was last place -  too acidic and the meringue was neither hard nor soft.  Just kind of semi- crumbly.

So I wouldn't mind coming back to try more desserts - but maybe when the store is more settled and the waitstaff are more organized :)

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Watergrill at Sydney Rowing Club, Abbotsford

it was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and we found ourselves in the Haberfield/Abbotsfield area. My friend suggested that we visit the Rowing Club for a bite to eat, promising an amazing view. The sun was just beginning to set over the water, which meant that I couldn't get a good photo of the view without the glare off the water but true to my friend's word, it was a marvelous view.

I managed to snap one shot to the side of our table.  You can surmise the rest of the atmosphere - relaxed outdoor dining where you can chill out and look across the boats and water.

For once, I wasn't feeling hungry and neither were my companions so we just ordered some nibblies to share.

Mezze plate of grilled haloumi, chorizo, marinated olives, hummus, babaganoush and turkish bread ($18.90)

The mezze plate was surprisingly good.  The squeaky cheese had been fried to a golden brown and the chorizo was piping hot. 

Bowl of chunky fries and aioli ($5.90)

The fries were a generous serving but a bit bland.  Still, it's hard to complain when you're relaxing by the water and munching on fries!

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