Museum of Sydney Cafe, Sydney CBD

Not too long ago, we purchased a voucher from Spreets for 2 high teas at MOS cafe.  It seemed like good value as it worked out to be just under $20 per person.

On the day of the booking, we were greeted by a friendly waiter at the door who said 'Spreets vouchers?  Over here!'  They had reserved certain tables for those with vouchers and we picked the best one left.  Looking around, it seemed like everyone was having the high tea!

From the tea menu, I ordered T2's Assam tea, hoping that it would have a really strong assam flavour which I like.

Unfortunately it just tasted like a strong English breakfast and didn't have the malty flavour I was looking for.

The sandwiches were lovely, with three varieties of egg, smoked salmon and cucumber.  I kind of wished they had four varieties instead of an extra serving of cucumber!

So I guess with a voucher, I'm not expecting much but I was disappointed with the scones.  They were served on a plate with some mini quiches (which were quite nice).

The scones weren't like any scones I've had before. They were about the size of a 20c piece (possibly even a bit smaller) and rock hard on the outside with the tiniest bit of dough on the inside.  I struggled to hold the scone in my fingers and put cream on it without getting the cream onto my fingertips! 

The dessert tier was cannoli, chocolate dipped strawberries, a mini lemon tart and a mini chocolate cup.

Despite the bad scones, it was a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon and still good value for the voucher!

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Gumshara, Chinatown

Social media has well and truly worked in Gumshara's favour.  What surely used to be a ramshackle ramen store in a rundown, partially underground foodcourt is now a booming business success and it seems like every second person wants to try its famous thick broth made from fresh pork bones.

Such was the case with The Chief, who begged me to take her to try it out.  I was initially reluctant because I hadn't been impressed with my first and only visit to Gumshara, approximately 3 years ago.  I found the broth to be too thick, so much so that it became gluggy towards the end and I couldn't taste the flavour anymore.

But I remembered how beautiful the eggs were and was happy to give it another try.

So off we went on a weeknight and although it was close to 7.30pm, there was a steady crowd at Gumshara, waiting for their ramen.

We both ordered the Pork Spare Rib ramen with an extra egg.

Pork Spare Rib Ramen ($14.50) and egg ($1.50)

Just as an aside, there is a small note underneath the Pork Spare Rib ramen saying that only 20 bowls per day.  Is this true?  Because as I said, we went quite late in the day and given the crowds/constant queue and the fact that there's only a choice of six ramen's or so, I can't imagine that we 'snagged' the last bowls of the Pork Spare Rib...

Anyway!  That is neither here nor there.  I was happy to get the bowl and it was quite good.  Having learned my lesson from my first visit, I only took a small sip of broth with each mouthful of noodles.  The pork spare rib was deliciously meaty and I chewed it to the bone.  Unfortunately for The Chief, she found her pork to be too salty.  When we compared the two, hers was a lot darker than mine - I'm not sure what that means in terms of cooking but we figured that it must have had something to do with the different taste!

The eggs were amazing.  They are soft with a runny semi solid yolk and are the best soft boiled eggs ever!

I'm glad that I gave Gumshara another try because I would happily return again!

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Baroque, the Rocks

Baroque is a modern French bistro located in a great position at the beginning of George St in the Rocks.  It has been on my 'to-try' list after having drooled over other food blogger's pictures, so when I saw that Travelzoo were promoting Baroque with a $78 lunch for two, I quickly snapped it up without worrying about who my dining companion would be - after all, who wouldn't want to share in such a great deal?

When I called to make my booking, I wasn't surprised to learn that there were a limited number of bookings each day for Travelzoo voucher users.  Luckily that was fine for me since I wasn't too fussed about what date I wanted to go, but limited bookings is always something to keep in mind when buying a coupon!

It was a beautiful winter's day when we finally made our visit.  Our waitress was absolutely lovely and quickly brought over menus and table water for us.

The voucher was for two entrees, two mains and a shared dessert tasting plate with tea or coffee. You could choose whatever you wanted from the menu.

Fresh bread was brought over which we swiped into the little pan of olive oil.

We both ordered homemade iced tea (not included with the voucher), however we were both a bit disappointed when it arrived. The colour of my friend's iced tea was significantly lighter than mine, and upon tasting, hers tasted a bit like cordial. Very strange! We concluded that they might us a pre ready syrup or mix and diluted hers a bit too much.

Homemade iced tea

For my entree, I chose the grilled scallops.

Grilled scallops, shitake confiture, fried pine nuts, Jerusalem artichoke, butternut pumpkin  (normally $22)


My friend chose the calamari for her entree.

Fricassé of calamari, saffron cracker, crab cream (normally $20)

After tasting her dish, I have to confess that I had a moment of food envy. The calamari was delectably soft and the surrounding cream had the beautiful flavour of crab infused into it.

I was satisfied with my choice of main though, which was delicious (and personally, I thought it was tastier than my friend's choice!)

Grilled Angus flank steak, triple cooked chips, eschalotte and watercress salad, béarnaise sauce (normally $35)

I was charmed by the small pot of béarnaise sauce which our waitress used to dollop the sauce onto my plate while serving.  The flank steak was cooked just how I had asked (medium) and the sauce was thick and creamy.  The triple cooked chips were just a bit too much for me, they were extra crispy and crunchy so I offered these up to my companion who loved them.

Risotto of butternut pumpkin, puree of brown butter, sage, chestnut served with scallops (normally $33)

The colours of the scallops and risotto reminded me of my entree!  I had a small taste and the risotto was nice and not gluggy like risotto can sometimes be.

Lastly and finally....the pièce de resistance....the dessert tasting plate!

I let out a little gasp when it was placed reverently on our table and couldn't resist snapping a few extra photos.  It was so pretty!

A selection of four macarons, three small cakes, a petit four and scattered chocolate curls restiing on a bed of crumble and gold flakes.   Amazing and I loved it!

My favourite was the chai macaron, a flavour which I haven't tasted anywhere else before.  It was dense and so packed with chai flavour, I was tempted to grab some from to go!

After the meal, we were both full and realised we had been there for about two hours, slowly eating our way through the relaxing lunch.  It was a great voucher experience - delicious food and wonderful service, I would definitely buy the voucher again if it came up!

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