Pizzeria Belluci, Bankstown

A few weeks ago, I was reading SMH and an article in the Good Food section caught my eye: Sydney's best 'under the radar' eats.  Like a moth drawn to a flame, I immediately clicked through and let out a cry of surprise when I saw the headline photo was of pizza from Pizzeria Belluci in Bankstown - "Hey, I've been there!"

Unfortunately, no one around me shared my joyous surprise at being 'in the know' of one Sydney's 'best under the radar eats' so I quickly grabbed someone that I knew would care - a friend who lives a five minute drive from the Bankstown Sports Club.  "Hey did you know that you live really close to this place where the inside is made to look like the outside?  And the pizza is pretty good too!"

After explaining what I meant, my friend was very eager to check it out and we made plans to visit.

Since Pizzeria Belluci is inside a registered club, you need to follow the usual sign-in rules to get inside.  If you live within a 5km radius of the club and are neither a registered member of another club nor there as a guest of a member, then you will need to join as a member.  My friend signed up on the day and a yearly membership was $12.

The interior setting of Pizzeria Belluci is really fun.  There is a large seating area that can accomodate small and big groups, both indoors and outdoors.  The coolest part is that they have made the indoors seem as if you're sitting in an Italy.

On this sunny day, the light was streaming through the skylight and it was busy.  We were absentmindedly listening to this Italian music and suddenly realised it was coming from a singer crooning from one of the balconies!

Ordering is at the counter and they give you a number to take back to your table.

 Farnese pizza
 Mozarella, garlic, prawns and chilli ($19)

Rapallo pizza
Mozarella, chicken, bbq sauce, onions and capsicum

Out of the two pizzas that we ordered, the Farnese was much better than the Rapallo.  The Farnese had a generous scattering of prawns and a subtle sting of chili that kicked in after a few bites.  As you may know by now, my tastebuds can't handle chili but this came in just under my chili limit.

The reason that I didn't like the Rapallo was mainly because the capsicum seemed like it had been thoroughly cooked before being added to the pizza.  This was a real let down because they tasted soggy and wet.  I would have much preferred bright capsicum with a bit of a crisper crunch.

Still, it is a fun place to visit and now that my friend has invested in club membership, we have vowed to come back again to try more pizza (cost per pizza session and all that).

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  1. That looks much better than what I picture as the usual club fare! Thanks for uncovering this gem! :)

  2. The interior looks pretty cool!

  3. What a fun looking place - I love how the inside looks like an Italian piazza.

  4. Hi Lorraine: It is different from the buffet style bain maries that we often see! This Sports Club is pretty big and they have made a real effort with the interior design.

    Hi Mobblees: Worth a look! They also have this sort of stage area in the middle of the club that looks like a rainforest lol.

    Hi Missy Piggy: It adds something to the eating experience, that's for sure!