Pancakes on the Rocks, Beverly Hills

Pancakes on the Rocks has opened up on the corner of Stoney Creek Road and King Georges Road in Beverly Hills, where Vaby's used. What a great addition to the Beverly Hills restaurant strip!

Although it only opened less than a month ago, word has clearly gotten out because there are lines out the door.  We decided to go on a Friday night for dessert and I made sure to book in advance so we were able to skip to the head of the queue.  I felt like a VIP!

The restaurant is very family friendly with big groups and kids everywhere.  It's not hard to see why - the prices are reasonable and there is a lot of variety on the menu.

The hot drinks at Pancakes are pretty ordinary.  No looseleaf tea here - you get a Twinings tea bag.  I ordered the chai latte and it tasted exactly like the powdered Arkadia chai mix that I used to make at home.

Chai latte ($3.95) and English Breakfast tea ($2.95)

Regular Stack ($8.95)
Three pancakes served with ice cream and maple syrup

My friend ordered the regular stack and later requested an extra scoop of ice cream ($1.50).  The extra scoop came in a separate little metal dish and looked bigger than the scoop that comes with the pancakes.
Devil's Delight ($14.95)
Chocolate pancakes with strawberries, cream, chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce

The Devil's Delight used to be my favourite pancake dish - back in the day where my friends and I used to head to the Circular Quay Pancakes after a night out on the town.  It looks exactly the same as it did back then!  The chocolate pancakes were a little bit dry but still nice.

And for those with Entertainment Book vouchers, the Pancakes on the Rocks voucher can be used here :-)

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