Barrafina, Soho (London)

The Food Book has moved to London!

Yes that's right, The Food Book decided to join the flocks of Australians taking a working holiday in the UK and the next chapter of this food blog will be set in London. I hope you enjoy reading about these new food adventures!

It seems like there is good food around every corner of London.  It almost makes it too hard to decide where to eat.   Luckily I had done some online browsing and also received good recommendations for Barrafina, a tapas bar located in trendy Soho.

Barrafina opens at 12pm and does not take bookings.  Not wanting to risk having to queue, I arrived at 11.50am and the doors were open but the friendly guy behind the counter told me I was a bit too early.  So I just hung around outside until they were officially open!  The other thing to note is that they don't allow you to hold seats for friends.  My friend was running about 25 minutes late and I was starting to get nervous as the bar quickly filled up and there is limited seating.  Luckily she arrived just in the nick of time before her seat was taken.

There is a regular menu and also a small specials blackboard.  The staff are incredibly friendly and happy to describe the dishes in detail.  Because everyone sits at the counter, you can also ogle what other people are ordering.

I ordered the razor clams off the specials board and they were delicious.  Fresh and chewy with a meaty texture. 

 Next up was some beautiful salmon with corn maize and a green puree. 

Tuna tartar (£9.50)

 The tuna tartar was my favourite - it looked deceptively small but we struggled to finish it! The tuna was glistening with freshness and coated in a light dressing with sesame seeds.

The next dish was ordered spontaneously by my friend after seeing it on the counter for another diner.

Baby gem salad with anchovies and smoked pancetta (£7)

I wasn't overly enamoured with the baby gem salad.  It was still nice but had simpler flavours of onion, pancetta and anchovies - nothing mind blowing.  

We were pretty full by this stage but I really wanted to try one of their desserts.

Chocolate tart (£4.70)

 The tart was dense, warm and very chocolately.  In one word - amazing.  

It seems like the accolades and reviews proved true - I really enjoyed lunch at Barrafina and it was worth getting there early to avoid queuing!

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  1. awwwww lucky! was in london for a holiday last year and loved every minute of it. hope you have a great time over there!