Caravan, Kings Cross (London)

I have been remiss in updating this blog from the London front! To be honest, I can't quite keep up with my own pace of eating over here.

Caravan is a large warehouse-style cafe hidden behind Kings Cross St Pancras station.  My friend had warned that it would be busy for brunch on the weekend, and indeed we had to wait for about 45 minutes (believe it or not, that is quite reasonable for London standards - every good place has a long wait!).  We put our mobile number down for them to call us, grabbed a takeaway coffee from their takeaway section at the back and then sat by Regent's Canal to admire the traquil water (this was back in October, before it started to get really cold!).

Before we knew it, my phone was ringing and our table was ready.  Inside, the place was hopping and the tables packed close together.

We had some juice to start off with.

Watermelon, apple, mint juice (£4.50)
Orange juice (£3.50)

I was very disappointed that my first choice of dish, the crab and spring onion omelette had sold out for the morning! So I satisfied myself with the following:

Wild boar sausage (£4) - this was really tasty, I could have probably eaten five

Beetroot vodka cured salmon, goats curd, orange, fennel and toast (£8.50)

The dish was quite refreshing and clean tasting.

Aubergine puree, poached eggs, yoghurt, sumac, toast with soutsouki sausage (£9)

We both agreed that the wild boar sausage triumphed over the soutsouki sausage which was a bit hard and dry.  The aubergine puree didn't pack the flavour punch that we were after.

Since I didn't get the crab omelette, I had to have a dessert.

Pecan tart

Would I come back?  Probably not.  I liked the atmosphere and I am glad that I visited, but the food was a bit average on taste.

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  1. Beetroot and vodka cured salmon is always a winner in my books. And I love wild boar sausage, but I think it's like wild mushroom - it tastes better because it's 'wild' :)

  2. Hi Helen: I definitely agree - everything wild tastes better!