Masuya Izakaya, Sydney CBD

Guest blogger edition

After a long week of work, we decided to have a quick and light meal before calling it and heading home. Masuya Izakaya is the new-ish restaurant opened up next to their bigger sister restaurant Masuya on O'Connell street in the city. 

Arriving at around 630pm, the place was pretty quiet with only a few small tables occupied. I always love izakayas as they not only remind me of Japan (such a great holiday destination), but also the fact that they're great for gatherings with friends where you can snack on delicious food, drink beers/sake/umeshu and chat till the cows come home. As a solely dinner destination, it was OK too.

The menus we received were quite extensive, but too tired to think too much on the menu, we just chose some vanilla options. We ordered the Wagyu Bento, the Karaage chicken curry and the Grilled squid from the specials menu.

Curry with Karaage Chicken ($14.50) - while it doesn't look that appetising in the photo, it was definitely delicious!

Wagyu Beef Bento ($19.80) - an OK bento box, much the same as the one from their sister restaurant. Bizarrely there was a deep fried 'money bag' that you normally see as an entree in Thai cuisine. The beef itself was nice but slightly over-grilled which made it a bit tough.

Grilled Squid (~$16) - very nice grilled flavour. Only downside was there was some boney thing in one or two of the pieces? not exactly sure what it was...

A nice izakaya, as evidenced by the group of japanese business men behind us having a blast when we left. Whilst not immediately impressed by the food, I would come back again to try more of the skewer/grilled options as well as their alcoholic beverages :) 

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  1. Ew, sounds like the cartilage-y, plastic bit was left in the squid... :/ Always end up at Masuya instead...

  2. Hi Tina, yes it was a bit disappointing- maybe I should have raised it with them, but I find I can never be bothered :S