Flesh and Buns, Covent Garden (London)

To be honest, I didn't even know Flesh and Buns existed despite having been to its sister ramen joint, Bone Daddies quite a few times. One of my friends brought Flesh and Buns to my attention and I went to check it out shortly afterwards.

It is tucked away in Covent Garden - head down a flight of stairs to find it underground.

If you're looking for something similar to Bone Daddies, then you're in the wrong place.  For starters, Flesh and Buns is far more spacious and is more like a restaurant.  The prices aren't cheap and the portions aren't big either.

We ordered everything to share between the four of us.

rice crackers, avocado shiso, tomato jalapeno

Chips and dips consisted of large prawn-cracker style chips and two condiments. How would I describe it?  Very light and airy. Not enough chips. 

BEEF TATAKI (£10.50)
onion ponzu, enoki mushroom

2 pieces each of tuna, salmon & yellowtail

When the mixed sashimi came out, I had to bite my tongue.  It was served on a bed of ice as big as my head, with six small pieces of sashimi resting on top.  When I think of Sydney sashimi prices in comparison, and how I used to go to the fish markets for premium yet cheap sashimi, I want to weep! 

yuzu mayo, avocado

Again, £8 for five pieces of sushi?  Oh cheap Japanese in Sydney, how I miss you.

The premise of Flesh and Buns comes from the 'flesh and buns' portion of its menu.  Basically you order momofuku style soft buns and choose a plate of filling.

The buns (£2.50 for two)

The buns are soft and very momfuku like.  At £2.50 for two, your bill adds up quickly.  The menu recommends two per person but given that you receive enough filling for at least three buns, I think they should offer 3 in one set.

For our meat, we had the following:

mustard miso (pickled apple)

These thin slices of pork belly were my favourite. Crispy skin, soft meat with a dash of sauce..mm.

yuzu kosho rub (shimeji mushroom pickle)

The chicken wasn't what I expected.  It was served in rather large pieces that made it tricky to sandwich between the buns.  Between the chicken and the pork, I thought that the pork was far better.

I didn't feel like dessert but one of my friends had seen this amazing looking dessert go past earlier - they could not resist ordering it.

S'MORE (£8)
marshmallows, biscuits, green tea, chocolate

Basically you roast a marshmallow over an open fire and sandwich it onto a cracker with green tea chocolate.  Points for creativity but again, the serving is a bit small for £8!  It is impossible to eat this without getting gooey marshmallow over yourself.

I would come back to Flesh and Buns again but next time, I would probably avoid the starters and dessert and go straight to the flesh and buns.

 Also just a word of warning - the bathroom walls are covered with Japanese cartoons of naked women!

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