Bun Bo Hue Huong Giang, Marrickville, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

Have you ever ordered a laksa at a Vietnamese restaurant? I for one have not.

However, on this occasion, my partner had a craving for laksa and I wanted pho. So how to compromise? By exploring through Marrickville's many Vietnamese restaurants and asking if they also served laksa.

We eventually found one where they said that they could do laksa.

Suspiciously however, when were handed the menus, there was no Laksa there.... luckily it wasn't really my concern as I wanted pho  =D  The restaurant owner then came over and asked us what laksa we wanted and we said combination. He went away smiling like it was nothing out of the ordinary to offer dishes not in their menus.

Spring rolls - $10 - First up the usual favourite spring rolls. Six thin crispy rolls of pastry with a pork and vegie filling. Also comes with lettuce leaves and sauce to cut through some of the greasiness.

Combination laksa ~ $12 - Next up was the laksa. Visually, it looked like a laksa (although it did have some raw onions on top which is a bit different). Taste wise, it was a bit strange, there was the coconut milk taste and a laska taste, but it was not very spicy and had a bit of a sweetness to the soup. The noodles was also not the usual type you have in laksa but some sort of rice noodle. A very odd concoction indeed.

Chicken and beef pho ~$12 - I usually order beef pho and have occasionally ordered chicken pho before, but never the two together - what a great idea! Chunks of chicken mixed with the rare beef provided a variety to the flavours in the dish. YUMMM!

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  1. I usually stick to the adage "when in Rome" when dining out but it is impressive how many Vietnamese restaurants will offer everything from Thai to Malaysian to Chinese!

  2. Hi Helen, I agree, but I also understand that when a food craving hits, it's pretty hard to resist!