Cafe Isar, Alexandria, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

For me, Saturdays are best spent either sleeping in recovering from a big Friday, or waking up early to a delicious breakfast and making the most of the rest of the day. This particular Saturday, we opted for the latter and dropped by the low-key cafe Isar in Alexandria.

The good thing about a quiet cafe is that you don't have to line up for a table, you can take your time to enjoy your food and its easy to find parking. We literally were able to park right in front of the cafe and got a table in moments. There is a bit of a One Piece theme at the cafe with a shelf of figurines and a few odd one piece references around the place. For those that don't know, One Piece is a famous Japanese manga series that is still continuing on now.

The Chorizo -A simple but tasty omlette of bacon, chorizo and egg with toasted tortilla wrap.

The Hippy - The vegetarian version of the big breakfast. Egg, toast, mushroom, hash brown, tomatoes, baked beans and avocado. Again, so simple yet so satisfying.

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