Thuy Huong, Marrickville, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

Vietnamese food is so versatile that I feel you can eat it anytime of day- breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner. Having woken up late, we had it for tea. Walking around Marrickville, there is always a good selection of Vietnamese restaurants to choose from, however, for some reason, I've never been to Thuy Huong. So here we were.

Deep fried wontons-  Super crispy wontons, deep-fried to a golden brown with the familiar tangy dipping sauce. Plenty of wontons to go around and a great start to the meal.

Beef pho - The pho here is pretty nice - the rare beef is very fresh and the broth clean and simple. Serving size is good value for money too!

Grilled beef vermicelli salad - Not the best salad I've had, the beef was too marinated for my liking as it overwhelmed the freshness of the salad. There also seemed to be an excess of sauce from the beef which I found a bit strange. I'm nit picking here as I still finished this dish completely :P

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