Mexican burrito cantina, Surry Hills, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

What use to be a California Burrito Company store has now turned into the Mexican burrito cantina. Located on the main drag that is Crown Street, once you step inside, you actually get the feel like you're in a Mexican cantina. There's a TV showing old Mexican TV shows, paintings of Mexican wrestlers and the owner's are also Mexicans.

This place is fully licensed so we ordered a couple of Coronas to go with our meal (as you do).

Nachos with pico de gallo and guacamole ~$15- super crunchy homemade tortilla chips with a tangy pico de gallo salsa (the tomoto salsa) and fresch mash avocdao. A great start to the meal.

For mains we ordered a burrito each - one with steak and the other with prawns. I hadn't had a prawn burrito before so I thought I'd try it out (after which I wish I had gotten the steak >_<).

Both of the burritos look the same on the outside, came with guacamole and a bit of side salad and cost $20.95.

Inside the prawn burrito was unfortunately not that many prawns. The usual fillings of rice, black beans, cheese, sour cream and tomato overpowered the subtle sweetness of the prawn. Not a bad burrito, but it could have definitely done with more prawns.

Inside the steak burrito was chunks of grilled steak as well as the fillings mentioned above. The better of the the two burritos, you could taste the grilled-ness of the steak chunks in the burrito. I think for both burritos the highlight was the tortilla wrap - soft and warm and thin. Really good.

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