Shaw St Espresso, Bexley North, Sydney

Still remaining in the local area, this time we found a place that serves a pretty decent cup of brew and the breakfast is not bad either.

Rocking up to Shaw St Espresso (which is located just a few shops down from Ken's sushi bar dining) on a Saturday morning and the place was abuzz with locals coming down for the morning caffeine hit.

Most patrons were there to grab a quick takeaway coffee and a muffin/bacon egg roll to go, but there were also a few tables inside so ventured in, ordered our coffees and perused the breakfast menu.

Service was quick and there were morning papers to read whilst we waited and before you know it the food was out.

Regular coffee ~ $3.50

Pesto mushrooms - sauteed mushrooms with pesto sauce on sourdough with also a poached egg and marinated feta - $14.00 - Piles and piles of marinated mushrooms which went beautifully with the crusty sourdough. The poached egg was perfectly runny on the inside and provided an extra 'sauce' for the dish.

Salmon stack - 2 slices of gluten free toast with smoked salmon, sauteed spinach, poached eggs and a slice of lemon - $15.00 - Pretty reasonable price for the simple yet satisfying dish. Again, the eggs were poached perfectly and the smoked salmon matched very well with the spinach.

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Sapore De Napoli

Guest blogger edition

It seems that these days all I ever eat at is locally, in particular in Kingsgrove! After trying out One Clementine and Kefi Souvlaki bar we now have moved on to Saproe De Napoli.

Located in the same precinct as the others, Sapore is an Italian restaurant which has as one of its specialties, wood fired pizza. The staff were a bit slow this night and we were left standing at the front waiting to be seated for a couple of minutes which is a bit awkward. We eventually got a table and from then it was smooth sailing.

Spaghetti Gamberoni - $23- Big, fat, juicy prawns with a thick tomato sauce. Spaghetti was fresh, chunky and al dente. Topped with a garnish of freshly chopped parsley, Great tasting and there seeed to be a pretty decent number of prawns too.

Boscailoa Pizza - $23 -  Italian sausage, mushrooms, rosemary and potatoes on a tomato base. Wood fired pizza base gave it that lovely smokey flavour. A tad burnt as you can see in the photo below but I barely noticed. Sausage meat was wonderfully tasty whilst the potato flavour was somewhat lost. Disappointingly the base was a slightly soggy towards the centre where as I prefer a more crispier a base.

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One Clementine, Kingsgrove, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

I must firstly apologise for the what must seem like limitless amount of posts about different Vietnamese restaurants. The truth is, I'm a sucker for good value meals which I am pretty certain will satisfy my hunger and be delicious. 

This cold Saturday afternoon we decided to try out one of the latest addition to the 'Pottery' area dining scene in Kingsgrove. Around the corner from Kingsgrove train station and above the new Woolworths are a number of restaurants serving good quality cuisine at reasonable prices. I'm looking forward to trying these out in the coming months when we feel like eating something locally.

The decor of One Clementine is nice and cosy and although there was outdoor seating arrangements they were packed up as it was much too cold and windy to eat outside. I suspect it would be quite refreshing to eat outside in the summertime however.

Not too many people dining at the time that we arrived meant that are service was speedy and attentive.

Pho tai- $12.00 - Medium rare beef slices with rice noodle in beef broth - the classic dish that I always revert when starving and rushing to order. Here the pho broth is nice and hot and clean (not as much herbs and spices as other recipes), the beef was fresh though a tad lean which meant if you left it in the broth too long it became a bit tough. The noodles al dente. An impressive sized serving as well - not bad at all.

Vietnamese pancake (Banh Xeo) - $12 - my experience with this dish is that it can be a bit of a hit or miss with some places making the pancake too floury or the fillings too bland or some other fatal flaw in the pulling together the components. Here, the chef has done well and it is a hit for me. Thin and crispy pancake wrapping around a variety mix of bean sprouts, vegetables, pork and prawn pieces. Add in some fresh herbs and lettuce, dunk it in the sauce and away you go.

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