Bacino Cafe, Mosman, Sydney North

In Sydney's north, there is a nice coastal walk which you can do between Balmoral and Chowder Bay. You can start at either end and finish with a dip at Balmoral Beach or at Clifton gardens and enjoy the sights and sounds of our harbour foreshore along the way.

This is already quite a nice day out, but at Chowder Bay and Balmoral, there are also a few cafes and restaurants which you drop into to have a bit before heading back home. On this occasion, we were at Chowder Bay and decided to have a quick breakfast snack at Bacino Cafe whilst we took a rest and enjoyed the view.

Bacon and egg panini -$9 - Freshly toasted with runny eggs, crispy bacon, basil and tangy tomato. A great breakfast combo.

Coffee- $4.50 - Regular mocha with real chocolate flakes, hehe

Coffee- $4.50 - Regular flat white

View from the deck

Bacino Kiosk Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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