Canton Noodle House, Burwood, Sydney West

Hmmmm, it wasn't until I uploaded the photos from this lunch at Canton Noodle House that I realised, how unhealthy it is! Everything is very oily and deep-fried! Arggghh, why are the yummy foods always the most unhealthy!

Anyways, here we are at Canton Noodle House in Burwood. Located right on Burwood road slightly opposite the main Westfields entrance, this place is always packed. This afternoon was no exception and there was a line out the door.

When we eventually got in, service got our orders messed up but I wasn't particularly looking forward to the service, lol. 

Crispy skin chicken with shang tung sauce ~$15 - I love it when they separate the accompanying sauce to a dish that's meant to be crispy. It actually allows the skin to stay crispy and each person to decide how much sauce they want to have on their serving. This chicken was flawless though could have been a bit larger a dish.

Soft shell crab salt and pepper style ~$15 - chunks of deep fried soft shell crab, lightly coated in a flour base with shallots, chilies and garlic garnish. Crunchy goodness.

Calamari salt and pepper style ~$15 - Our love for deep-fried salt and pepper seafood items is clearly on show here with this dish. Surprisingly this wasn't as nice as the previous times we've ordered it with a clear lacking of the salt and pepper seasoning. Though the calamari was cooked nicely.

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UTS rowing club, Haberfield, Sydney Inner west

If you're into running, you probably have done or at least heard of the bay run. The bay run is a loop of running track that stretches over 7km around a couple of suburbs but specifically got its name as it loops past the Iron Cove 'Bay'. 

Along this running path is the UTS rowing club. I've run past many times, but never actually been inside this place, but having heard that they just recently under went a huge refurbishment, we decided to try it out for dinner.

The location is pretty nice as you would expect of most water front restaurants with the refurbishment providing a nice open decking area to enjoy your meals, overlooking the bay. Order at the counter, grab a number and wait for your food to arrive.

The food is a tad on the expensive side, but some of this is probably for the atmosphere and views.

Flame grilled New York strip -$34 - With compound butter, mushroom cream, roasted corn and greens salad and thick cut chips. Steak was cooked medium with nice sear marks. Chips were crispy and went well with the steak. Salad was a nice refreshing break from the heaviness of the other components but could have been a bit more acidic with the dressing. Also - need more sauce!

Sizzling Australian King Prawns - $26 - Served on a hot plate with garlic, tomato, herbs and sliced sourdough. Almost every table was ordering this and the aroma and theatrics of the dish as it arrived at each table lured us in also. Four or five big fat juicy prawns, kissed by the grill to get the nice char grilled flavour contrasted with the tanginess of the tomato salsa. Perfect combo, but more of an entree than a main.

Views over the Bay

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5 Star Thaitanic, Wolli Creek, Sydney

I find Wolli Creek is becoming more and more trendy. In the years I lived there, it was dearth of restaurants, shops, amenities - basically anything that made it even a slight resemblance to a proper suburb apart from the train station.

Then the Woolies opened up and  many apartments started popping up everywhere and retail space was aplenty. Now Wolli Creek is becoming more of a community with people out and about enjoying the increasing number of restaurants and cafes and open space in the area. Although parking and traffic I think will soon become a problem with the number of high density apartments still coming on-line, for now its an easy stop on the train line to get out and get fed.

On this weeknight, we stopped by on the way home to have a quick meal. Our usual dumpling place was full, so we went for the Thai place opposite. Service was fast and cheerful and our dishes came out in no time at all.

Pad See Ew - $12.90 - Flat rice noodles with chunks of beef and a medley of vegies. This dish actually had quite a bit of 'heat of the wok' and was quite tasty despite it the sauce being somewhat lacking.

Pad thai $12.90 - The dish you order when you can't be bothered looking at the menu. More flavoursome than the first dish with slices of tender chickens and the familiar chewy texture of the pad thai noodles drenched in mixture of taramind and fish sauce. After a while the fish sauce was a tad overwhelming however.

Good for a quick feed but don't expect too much.

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Bills, Surry Hills, Sydney

It's been around 10 years since I first went to Bills for breakfast in Surry Hills. I remember we had to wake up early to get there as we knew that his famous creamy scrambled eggs and popularity would mean that if we were to go any later, we would be waiting forever for a table.

Fast forward all these years and we decided to drop by Bills again for breakfast. Not expecting a crowd, we rocked up around 930am (luckily it wasn't too hard finding parking for once!). When we got to Bills, there was already a line outside! Perhaps I should have been a bit more wary as a Japanese colleague of mine mentioned that he was super popular in Japan with 2 restaurants in Tokyo now and I could see around half of the customers did seem to speak Japanese, lol.

A quick chat to the waiter and he mentioned a 30 minute wait - groannnnn.... Having made the effort to come here we decided to wait. Thankfully, the wait was much less than 30 minutes as a few early risers were polishing off their meals and freed up some tables.

Ricotta hotcakes - $22 - Having tried to scramble eggs many years ago, this time we went for the hotcakes. A disc of honey comb butter sat on top a hill of three hotcakes dusted with icing sugar. Inside, creamy chunks of ricotta. The most amazing thing about these hotcakes I think is the texture - so damn fluffy and light it was almost like eating a sponge cake. Drizzled with maple syrup, we cleaned up this dish in no time.

Latte - $4.10 - single origin beans, smooth smooth coffee.

Corn fritters with avocado salsa (+$4) - $23  - Our other option was on the savoury side. There is a option of having avocado salsa and in my hesitation in ordering, agreed with the waitresses recommendation to order it also. It was a great suggestion as the avocado really elevated the dish. The corn fritters weren't bad, crispy on the outside with kernels of juicy corn, but when slathered with the avo paste it just tasted so much better. The other surprising highlight of the dish was the bacon! Not sure if it was just because I hadn't eaten bacon in a while, but this was particularly delicious. Soft with just the right amount of crunchy bits, tender and not dry and salty but not too salty. Amazeballs.

The staff were great, friendly and attentive. We also had a good food voucher gift card and usually the staff at restaurants have no idea how to process but here the manager was knowledgeable and friendly and processed it without a fuss.

Not a cheap breakfast by any means, but once in a while a gourmet breakfast feels just right.

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Ol Ba Tan, Sydney CBD, Sydney

Good ol Ol Ba Tan. The lesser known Korean BBQ on Pitt street. Everyone has heard of Madang, but right next door is Ol Ba Tan - just as good but generally less busy. They'v actually just done a big renovation so now is the perfect time to check it out.

Normally we come with a big group and eat our body weight worth of BBQ meat and drink Soju till we barely understand each other,  however on this occasion we were just here the two of us for a light Korean dinner.

Chili pork ~$18 - a thick chili sauce coated the pieces of pork which sat on a bed of freshly chopped mixed vegies. The dish wasn't too spicy but it became increasingly so the more you ate. This went nicely with a bowl of steamed rice.

The best thing about Korean restaurants - no matter what you order you always get side dishes!

Beef hot pot stew - $19 - we naively ordered two chili dishes thinking that it would be OK. We were wrong. Although neither dish on their own were terribly hot, the combination of the two caused the heat levels to go up and up. This stew did go well with the steamed rice also and we ended up finishing it all, beef bones, mushrooms, tofu chunks, potato pieces and all.


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