The coast golf club, Little Bay, Sydney

Little Bay - A little known place on the East coast of Sydney. It has a beach but its relatively small and the water is a bit rough so it's not as popular as many of the other Eastern suburb beaches. It also has a really beautiful golf course and with it a nice golf club house. It sits on top of the cliff and overlooks the greens and the cliffs. Whilst the decor is probably due for an upgrade, the bistro food and beers more than make up for it.

Chorizo and Prawn risotto - $24 - caramelized chorizo sausage and prawns with napolitano cream and shaved parmesan. The single prawn on top actually disguises the number of delicious morsels of prawn hidden inside the red sea of risotto. Rich and flavoursome sauce, a really nice risotto.

Wagyu beef burger - $15 - 150 gram wagyu patty, lettuce, cheese, bacon, pickle, mustard mayo, tomato relish and fries. The fries whilst look underwhelming in the photo below, were actually pretty good, cooked fresh and piping hot with a crunchy outside, they went perfectly with the burger. The burger itself - wow. I was impressed, the bacon and cheese combo is too good with a lightly toasted brioche bun, it was indeed droolworthy.

Combined with a few beers, this was a very nice afternoon.


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