Nieo's chicken, Clemton Park, Sydney South-West

A local gem for anyone around the area. The takeway section is always busy with people grabbing a roast chook for lunch or dinner, but you can also dine in there and try a number of other options as well as their famous grilled chooks. Service is fast and attentive.

Garlic Prawns - $14.50 - Eight or nine prawns in a little tapas dish full of tomato and garlic sauce. Probably more tomato than garlic but was delicious nonetheless. Soft pieces of Lebanese bread was the perfect accompaniment to sponge up the remaining sauces.

Cheese and Spinach triangles ~ $10 - A recommendation by the waiter and a good starter. Flaky pastry with feta and spinach on the inside. A really nice home style dish.

Grilled half chicken with roast vegies and chips and lemon sauce - $20  - The star of the show. Half a butterflied grilled chicken with a small bowl of tangy lemon sauce. You get to choose two sides with this and we got the roast vegies (zucchini, beans, carrot, tomato, sweet potato) and chips. The chicken is so juicy and succulent you just keep going back for more. The dish is huge in proportion and should well fill you up for dinner or lunch.

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Indo Rasa, Kingsford, Sydney East

Chicken chicken chicken - whoever invented fried chicken is a freakin genius. Almost wherever it is served it is an absolute hit. Indonesians seem to have a particular penchant for fried chicken and I reckon Indo Rasa would definitely satisfy them. The menu is choc full of reasonably priced items as it is located in a student area but it was the chicken that caught my eye.

Ayam Goreng Indo Rasa -$6 - The chef's specialty chicken. Fried to a nice even golden brown, you have the choice of leg or breast. Topped with some crunchy fried bits (not sure what it was actually) and a side dish of super spicy sauce. As good as the best KFC you can get and better.

Ayam Bakar - $6 - You know Indos do good chicken when they can make a simple grill chicken taste so bloody delicious. Just the right about of char, a sticky and little bit sweet coating on top. Chicken meat is succulent and juicy even though this one is the breast piece.

Mie goreng - $10 - At this stage we were already pretty full, but our last dish arrived which was a mie gorent noodle dish. Huge portions for just ten bucks, plenty of wok breath as well as various toppings. We couldn't finish it but it was just as tasty the next day for lunch, hehe.

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Shujinko, Melbourne CBD, Melbourne

Sydney really needs more 24 hour eateries like Melbourne. After a late night, all that is usually available is Maccers, kebabs and City Extra if you're lucky. In Melbourne there is much more variety, including Shukinko, a 24 hour ramen joint. It is a little bit cosy but according to a friend who lived in Japan for a number of years, definitely has the feel of a traditional ramen shop in downtown Tokyo where drunk businessmen would gather to slurp down noodles after a Friday night of drinking.

Shujinko ramen - $12.80 - the signature ramen. We ordered 1 to share between 2 as we saw the bowls looked big, but due to the tapering of the bowl, it was actually not that big and we could have easily finished one each. The ramen is perfectly cooked and simply matched with a piece of grilled pork, boiled egg and some shallots.

Chicken Kaarage - $13.80 - Very hard to turn down a side order of fried chicken. Juice pieces of boneless chicken (bit of thigh and breast) in a light batter and a dollop of kewpie mayo to dip on the side.

Takoyaki - $8.80 -there is something mesmerizing about the bonito flakes on a plate of hot takoyaki waving in the heat. Plump balls of octopus and batter, piping hot topped with the saltiness of the bonito.

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Shanghai Street dumpling, Melbourne CBD, Melbourne

We really wanted to try Hu Tong dumplings which is located on the same street as Shanghai Street dumpling, but it was packed and we were turned away by the waiter (somewhat rudely actually).

Luckily we saw Shanghai street dumpling which also had a long line of people waiting for a table and so we joined the queue which flowed pretty quickly.

Tea is self service and you can mark your order whilst you wait in the queue and so we wasted no time in setting ourselves up and ordering.

Hot and sour soup - $4.80 - pretty decent sized bowl of soup. It was the first thing to come out and was probably just sitting in a big pot. A bit watery compared to other similar soups I've had but taste was there.

Shanghai fried noodle - $9.80 - a classic Shanghainese dish with thick saucy noodles and shreds of pork mixed in the some choy sum vegetables, carrot and black fungus. I always find that I'm left with too much vegetables and not enough pork in these dishes.

Chinese broccoli - $11.80 - you have a choice when ordering this dish between garlic or hoi sin sauce for the cooking style. We chose garlic and it was choc full of garlic flavour and real garlic pieces.

Two steamers of xiao long baos - $10.80 and $12.80 - the cheaper option is with just pork as the filling. The more expensive option is with also crab meat. I recommend getting the crab meat version as it just makes those dumplings and juices that much sweeter. Here you can really get that crab flavour and the dumplings overall seem bigger than other places I've been to.

Chicken and prawn pan-fried dumplings - $9.80 - this dish took ages to come out to the point that we actually forgot we ordered it. It was worth the wait and was probably one of the best dishes. Crispy dumpling bottoms with sweet prawn and chicken filling accompanied by a sweet and sour sauce.

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Higher grounds, Melbourne CBD, Melbourne

We stayed at a pretty cool Air BnB on Rose Lane in Melbourne. It was the first time using Air BnB and the whole process was pretty straight forward and the apartment was spacious, with 2 bedroom and 2 bathrooms for a much cheaper price than what you would have had to fork out for hotel rooms. Now I see why Air BnB is such a fast growing company.

Anyhoo, unknowing to us, was that around the corner from our apartment was a super popular brunch restaurant - Higher grounds. The first time we walked past it was packed with a huge queue outside - there was no way we would get a table, so being so close, we woke up early the next day and strolled over. We still had to wait but we literally just missed being stuck behind a queue of like 20 people by a few seconds. 

Inside the decor is all about high ceilings with a bit of an industrial feel. I think it is some sort of converted warehouse or machinery workshop. Service is relatively quick and the menu contemporary and relatively healthy.

Kale and Cauliflower salad with miso, almond, hummus, avocado and a poached egg - $18.50. There's also the option to have a side of cured kingfish to go with this salad and we thought why not.

Cured kingfish - $7.50

Scrambled eggs on toast $11 with a side of avocado - $4.50 - simple and healthy but also yummy

Spiced cauliflower, scrambled eggs, curry leaf, roasted chili on housemade flat bread - $19.50

Steamed market fish with Japanese broth, blackbean and vegetables noodles and soy bean - $26. The highlight of this dish was the fish (Sanpper) which was so fresh and light and steamed perfectly. The lightness of the fish with the saltiness of the blackbean worked beautifully as it does in a traditional Chinese fish dish. The vegetable noodles are actually strands of radish which provided an interesting texture to the dish.

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