Shujinko, Melbourne CBD, Melbourne

Sydney really needs more 24 hour eateries like Melbourne. After a late night, all that is usually available is Maccers, kebabs and City Extra if you're lucky. In Melbourne there is much more variety, including Shukinko, a 24 hour ramen joint. It is a little bit cosy but according to a friend who lived in Japan for a number of years, definitely has the feel of a traditional ramen shop in downtown Tokyo where drunk businessmen would gather to slurp down noodles after a Friday night of drinking.

Shujinko ramen - $12.80 - the signature ramen. We ordered 1 to share between 2 as we saw the bowls looked big, but due to the tapering of the bowl, it was actually not that big and we could have easily finished one each. The ramen is perfectly cooked and simply matched with a piece of grilled pork, boiled egg and some shallots.

Chicken Kaarage - $13.80 - Very hard to turn down a side order of fried chicken. Juice pieces of boneless chicken (bit of thigh and breast) in a light batter and a dollop of kewpie mayo to dip on the side.

Takoyaki - $8.80 -there is something mesmerizing about the bonito flakes on a plate of hot takoyaki waving in the heat. Plump balls of octopus and batter, piping hot topped with the saltiness of the bonito.

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