Castle Hill RSL, Castle Hill, Sydney West

Over in the North West part of Sydney, there is a pretty cool RSL club. Castle Hill RSL is a huge complex full of the usual pokies etc but also is next to an aquatic centre and has a pretty neat outdoor courtyard area with outdoor seating, tables and a very friendly kids play area.

Perfect for a large gathering as the place is very spacious. Food is served at the indoor counters or at the smokehouse (a dedicated restaurant which serves smoked meats) where you make your order and they give you a number and then deliver to your table. Tables are first in first serve as they don't take reservations for the courtyard.

Buttermilk fried chicken burger - $19.50 (non-member price) - crispy fries accompany a burger overflowing with fried chicken. The chicken had a nice batter and was served with lettuce and slaw mix.

Salt and pepper squid - $16.50 (non-member price) - lightly battered squids flash fried to retain a softness to the flesh. Side of homemade aoili.

Special of the day - Whole grilled barramundi - Usually I'm too lazy to eat whole fish, but this was an exception. Beautifully grilled to a crisp skin on the outside and moist flesh on the inside. You can choose 2 sides for this dish and we went for chips and steamed vegies - healthy ;)

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