The Lucky, Riverwood, Sydney West

For a special occasion we decided to try a local place we recently walked past when we were eating pho in Riverwood (Song Huong - great pho!) and noticed that it was pretty packed at dinner time.

On the outside it's a pretty unassuming Chinese restaurant but the popularity of it speaks for itself.
We rocked up early on a Friday evening to beat the crowds. Ordering was relatively easy but it definitely helps if you go with some Chinese speakers/readers as some dishes seemed to be on the Chinese menu only.

Along with the complimentary peanuts, we also received a complimentary soup which was pork bones and seaweed. Not everyone's cup of team but was tasty enough.

Peking style pork - sweet and sticky chunks of pork pieces with a few pieces of pineapple to add some tartness to the dish. The pork meat was a good balance of being not too fatty but not to lean also.

Medley of mushrooms and tofu - most tables seemed to be getting this dish which had a combination of a number of mushrooms including shiitake, oyster, porcini amongst others, but notably no enoki.

Deep fried barramundi cooked with bitter melon, chinese roast pork and bean curd. Quite a rustic Chinese dish with flavours that you would expect if you were in Asia. The roast pork pieces add that extra dimension on flavour.

The house special - a stir fried mixture of dried giant prawns, diced prawns, vegetable sprouts, bamboo shoots in an XO sauce. An awesome mix of flavours, quite heavy on the prawn taste with a hint of chili coming through from the sauce. The vegies had a refreshing crunch.

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